The mission of this wiki appears to be the creation of a new educational system which will prepare students for life in the 21st century. It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this wiki that our education system is geared toward an industrial nation. The skill sets necessary in an industrial nation are not adequate in 21st century America.

My vision for this page is to create a list of essential skills that all students should possess upon graduation from high school. Additionally, I would like to address various methods for teaching these skills, and the rationale for the necessity of these skills.

I am proposing a list of skills that should be paramount at every high school in the United States. Through discussion and multiple editors I hope this page will become a valuable resource for teachers and be used as an agent of change in our public school systems. Please feel free to express your thoughts, ideas, values, and judgements in the discussion section of this page.

The ability to learn in context & discern information
Personal and social responsibility
The ability to problem solve
The ability to think critically and dissect complex issues
Strong communication skills (interpersonal & presentation)
Know how and when to use technology efficiently
The ability to work effectively as part of a team and independently
The ability to visualize, reason, plan, and make decisions
A thorough understanding of diverse world cultures
The ability to re-train yourself (over and over)

A good (positive) attitude
The ability to be an independent learner